Having worked with blue-chip companies and small to medium enterprises, we have amassed a lot of experience over the years.


Setting up a web design consultancy not only plays to our strengths but it's something we really enjoy!


Quite often people will come to us with an existing website that somebody somewhere did but they no longer have any contact with them or they don't have access to the tool used to create the site or that they simply do not have the required knowledge to be able to update the pages.


We are more than happy to work with clients to upgrade their websites not only making them more visual and professional but leaving them with the ability to update and maintain the site themselves with us in the background if we are ever needed.


We also relish the challenge of creating a new website from scratch by offering creative advice and expertise and through our meticulous attention to detail to get things 'just right'.

FraggleWorks are non-geeky web designers! With a passion for developing websites and coaching individuals to co-ordinate their entire brand strategy.
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- Website Design and Development

- E-Commerce Solutions

- Social Media and Brand Coordination

- Consultation, Coaching and Mentoring

- Content Management System (CMS) Joomla and WordPress

- Search Engine Optimisation and Google Analytics

- Logo Design