Our unique courses help you to overcome the challenges of depression, anxiety and stress in all levels of society.  They help you to be a person first before your label of mother, father, son or daughter. The photography takes you outside of yourself to learn more about you, the way you think and how old patterns are holding you back from living a life without struggle.

We help you to live the happy, confident and successful life that you were always meant to.

We work with Mind, the UK mental health charity, to help individuals and businesses recognise the effects of depression and post traumatic stress disorder. Our courses give people the tools and confidence to become the best person they can, to live their lives confidently and fly without thinking.

Fly without thinking
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Not yet listed
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Our courses range from Healing with Photograph which can be taken as a one day or six part course to Achieve your Goals, Love Sundays Enjoy Mondays, Celebrate Me which are all day courses.

We also run Photo Senses photography courses, the first Tuesday of every month which give you the chance to learn photography skills and take the chance to relax, stop and stare.  Come and join us and take the opportunity to breathe in the beautiful and tranquil village of Marbury near Whitchurch.