Shropshire Lad - but not the beer, I am a born and bred 'Shropshire Boy', more a man now ;-), I have lived a way a while but Shropshire has this knack of bringing me back. I often think I hear in the wind that its calling me back to change things and help every business become Social Media Gurus and all have an Awesome website to blast any recession away! Tazamo Web has now giving me the pulpit to shout from and ‘This is Shropshire’ has given me the audience to preach too, so come on let’s get Shropshire booming and blooming again..... Other than that I love being Social and also loving my Sports... ok I must not start on that as I will be here all day! Keep Loving Shropshire and beating the Recession away!!!

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Got to be Goonies, The lost Boys, anything Stephen King, I will also say I do not like normal TV as it is mostly a load of rubbish, why do you have to pay for a License these days as I don’t want these Real life shows! Who does apart from teenagers who don’t actually pay for the licensing fees!!!

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I do love sports, Socialising, going for meals, oh listen i do what everyone else does who is interesting ;-)

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It is a lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges and being the best of the best, and I believed in myself and I have Faith :-).

Yes I love any and Every sport going but I just can't at the moment due to a dodgy knee but I will be back Mr Sport... I will.....

Stephen King - Has to be he is a legend!


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Of Course!