Arch collaborator ! The Entelechist, which is the study and process of Achieving Your Potential. CreatingTEAM Academy at Redbrook Lodge, the world's 1st ?? Centre for Collaborative Business. Born enthusiast. Blessed with fantastic partner in life .. Ellen and amazing 10 yr old son, who is home schooled. Love challenging the status quo and waking people up to new possibilities.

Red wine, great coffee, travel and meeting new people , who are enthusiastic about something in life,  are the things that make the world go round.   

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American Beauty. Blind Side. My Life. Stand By Me. Dead Poets Society.  Rudy. Incredible Journey . Planes, trains and Automobiles. 

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Redbrook ??
mark Layder
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Football.  Setting people free!  New ideas. Travel. Talking with my 10 yr old mega star. Spending time hanging out with my wife 

All you need is the right TEAM! And anything is possible.

Football,  one of the 1st footy shrinks in the UK.  Was active squash player 

Atlas shrugged.  Road Less Travelled. The Max Strategy. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Bang A Different Drum


Petrol pump attendant, son of a grocer, welders mate, driver, head barman in 5 star hotel, zoo cafe worker, holiday rep, camp counsellor, English teacher in Spain,  Cussons uk sales, Amex Sales Manager, Biz Consultant, National Sales Trainer, Coach since 1986!! Dean of Biz school for home biz owners in Arkansas USA.

Bought Redbrook Lodge Hotel in 2003 to turn into our own Education Centre. ..... tho Wrexham Council,  still want to charge us hotel level biz rates !! Ha . 

Long term plan ... build a new Education for Progress Distribution System nicknamed .. Qollywood,  by my 10 yr old !!! 

Several of what used to be called O'levels. Couple of A levels. ?.. was going to be a vet ! 

BA. Hons majoring in Industrial Psychology. 

Diploma in Accelerated Learning,  John Moores Uni.

Communications courses all over the world.  

See above.  Plus nearly 30 years studying the human condition and advanced communication skills from Switzerland to Mexico to Latvia ! 

Civil Service Executive Officers qualification... how did that happen ?! 

Preliminary FA coaching badge.  

Worldwide Leadership Development Programme.  Florence,  Italy 

Mastery uni,  Cancun, Nice, Palm Springs 

Good food,  good atmosphere!  Cinema when we get chance. Seeing old buddies.