Personalised Signature Tunes composed for Companies that want to stand out from the crowd.
All office blocks look the same, all offices look similar, everyone dresses the same, drives similar cars.
Which supplier should a customer choose?
Why, the one with the distinctive, catchy, personalised song of course!
Promote your corporate events, draw customers to your event stands, increase the pride of all your employees.

For YouTube videos, slideshow presentations, with or without words.

Your customers (and staff) will be be humming your company name for years to come!

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My main interest is Personal Growth.

I love people and am passionate about inner healing and outer health.

Music for youtube videos, with or without words Personalised Songs for Weddings and Special Occasions
CREATE - I'll show you how to compose your own music, and write your own songs LEARN - Lessons given in how to play guitars, drums, keyboards PERFORM - Coaching on how to look good LIVE

Table Tennis

How To Win Friends And Influence People

The Four Agreements

Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus

09th of June 1967