This is Shropshire for business

How many times have you listed your business in a directory and never been back to that site? Quite a few?...... thought so!


We’re not saying that having your business listed on these sites is pointless, quite the opposite, it’s great to get your business listed as often as possible wherever you can.


However, this isn’t a normal business directory. This is Shropshire is designed to allow you to actually connect with other businesses and members of the public in your county. You may discover a new supplier or even build a relationship with someone looking for your services. But before we let you shout about the business you love, we think you’ll agree that it’s the wonderful people of Shropshire that makes it tick, so you’ll need to register a personal profile first. We believe that networking from behind your company logo online can be a little frosty, so that’s why we allow you represent your company as a real person!


Once your account is active, you can start updating your company info beginning with your company name, logo and tagline.


In order to help you get noticed, you can list several keywords that relate to the products you sell or services you offer. You’ll also need to let us know what industry and sector you fit into.


Before writing a bit about your business, make sure that you list all of your contact details; your website link, telephone number, email address and all of your social networking details, such as your Facebook or LinkedIn profile .


You’ll also notice a separate section to explain the services you offer in more detail and outline details such as your opening/office hours.


If you feel that all of the above is better explained by pictures, you have your own gallery to upload images into.


To allow interaction between you, other businesses and members of the public, you’ll also have your own wall feature and use of user-to-user messaging.