What do i get?

What won’t you get?


This is Shropshire offers you so much more than other community based sites. For example, you register your own personal profile which can be used to interact with other members whether that be on a social level or to promote your business.


The aim is to get the people of Shropshire connected, not just listing your details and walking away.


Upon registering an account, you’ll be sent your own individual and secure login details to manage your profile how you see fit (within reason!). You can tell people as much or as little as you wish about yourself.


To begin with, start with some basic information; a tagline, your mood, your gender and your birthday. You can then write a little bit about yourself before entering your contact details. These include your telephone number and email address as well as all of your favourite social networking profiles such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. All of which are optional, of course.


You even get the opportunity to tell people about what you do in your spare time; your favourite TV & films, what sports you take part in, what books you read or where you like going for a drink or bite to eat.


You might want to use your profile to pick up some work, so there’s a section for that too – list your work experience, your education and your skills and qualifications. You can even upload your CV into your profile area. 


To make connecting easy, you will have your own wall feed and private user to user messaging.


Once you’ve completed your personal profile, you will have access to a fantastic private account area through which you can add business listings, classifieds, events, articles, deals, offers and more.


So what are you waiting for?  Get connecting…..